Below is Joel’s Response to a comment on Yankeeprepper’s “A Patriot in Exile” video.


Question: It seems a general consensus…I don’t know why? I feel a man can be a good person without the fear of god or government! Why does it seem that everyone feels that a person is misdirected or without morals without a said “god”? This is an honest question, please do reply…I believe in treating folks fair and just actions and certainly don’t need to believe in no one besides myself for that!

Joel’s Response: Great question, “Can I be a good person without the fear of God?” To answer that, you have to challenge your presupposition of what “good” is. You’ve stated that you believe it’s right to be good, fair and just but that you only have to believe in yourself for that. The problem is, that places you as your own highest standard of goodness, which also allows you to decide what is good and what isn’t. This is called humanism. This is also the problem with tyrants.
You see, so long as you have no standard higher than yourself to affirm your moral absolutes, you can justify anything in your own mind by simply calling it “good.” What’s happening in American society and government today stems from a beak down of our education system in the embracing of a Darwinian philosophical world view. God’s Holy Word and His law must be our system of moral absolutes because if we aren’t accountable to Him, we are accountable to nothing.
You have to affirm that what you believe to be “good” is based on a foundation of moral absolutes beyond just what you feel because otherwise you can simply call anything “good”. What is “good”? and most importantly, Why?? You must be able to answer these questions in order to establish law and order in any society. Law rests on morality and morality rests on religion. Weaken the religious foundations of a people, and you weaken the morality and foundation for law. The result of this is the progressive collapse of law and order and the breakdown of society. If we do not stake our lives on God’s definition of what is “good” and obey it, then we will accept the notions of every tyrannical leader that presumes to inform us what is! And make no mistake…History affirms that “those people who will not be ruled by God, will be ruled by tyrants!”
-Joel Carlton