“American Christianity in large part, I feel, has fallen prey to the socialistic principles of consumerism. We have been unwilling to stretch and challenge ourselves to intellectually reconcile  truth. We desire information and truth to be spoon fed to us rather than to take dominion over that information or truth in our own lives and minds. As long as we can transfer our responsibility For obtaining truth to another party or individual, we therefore do not have to hold ourselves accountable for being right or wrong.  It’s easy to show up on Sunday, listen to a message and when it’s not understood, blame the pastor for not presenting it in a way that was “understandable”, or for presenting it in a way that is too intellectually challenging for the individual. While there is obviously something to be said for how an individual presents information to, or teaches a specific demographic, the question at hand is; at what point does the individual who is learning become accountable for his ability to process the information given?

The intellectual consumer desires information or truth to be given to him, therefore negating his Biblical responsibility, or the work required to obtain it or understand it for himself.  This mentality inevitably creates a vicious cycle in society which causes succeeding generations to transfer more and more of their personal responsibility to learn and provide for their own to another perceived authority.  Is it any wonder that the average grown man today has a hard time even holding a candle to the intellectual understanding of an average seventh grader 150 years ago? What does it truly mean to “love The Lord with all of our MIND?””
-Joel Carlton