Response to following question: “are you saying hurricane Sandy is judgement on us for the election etc.?”…..


Great question… No, but more generally we can say the following with certainty:
1. America has codified judgement-worthy evil by statute according to the catalogue of societal apostasy in scripture (Ps 93)
2. God controls the weather, reserving and exercising his prerogative to employ the elements of nature as implements of Divine wrath, as well as blessing (Ps 18, Nahum1, Gen 7, Ex 9, Gen 19, Is 45:7, Revelation, etc.)
3. America deliberately covenanted herself by self-maledictory oath to the terms of her founding. Under these conditions, we have formally begged God to judge us if we are unfaithful. Policies we endorse in modern elections certainly meet the criteria of constitutional infidelity! (Historical events of 1789)
4. As I have stated, these policies are far more destructive in and of themselves than the collateral damage of all natural disasters in our history combined, highlighting the tender mercies and long suffering of our God. (Thus, I believe, His sovereign hand in storms afflicting us is more credibly discerned as disciplinary and forewarning…Heb 12)
5. (Luke 13:1-5) Jesus proffers our response to disasters of this sort. It is always appropriate, truthful, and loving to announce to outstanding sinners in times like these: “Repent, or you will likewise perish!”
6. For those who fear a just and holy God, it remains a staggering marvel that we have not been utterly destroyed. It can always be said until the great white throne that we deserve far worse. The only ultimate refuge from judgement is the blood of Christ to propitiate the wrath of God!


…These certainties lead me to conclude, while we cannot say with authoritative specificity what moved God to respond in this way, we should certainly be moved by the power this storm represents to respond to Him with fear and repentance for our empirically verifiable civil and (if warranted) individual apostasy.


-Ken Carlton