The carnage of Hurricane Sandy is infinitesimal compared to the destruction of today’s ballot box. The judgements of our long-suffering God to chastise and warn us days before this election were despised and unheeded. 109 deaths, 50 billion dollars of damage, and property yanked out from underneath us was reported as a catastrophe…… hours before we vote for leaders whose policies are responsible for the genocidal-scale slaughter of millions upon millions of the ultimately vulnerable (dwarfing the fires of Molech), the ravaging of 16 trillion dollars of our children’s children’s children’s inheritance (confiscating the fortunes of orphans and widows yet to be born), and declaring the legislative end to private property and habeas corpus (mandatory worship of the god-state)….Ps 94:20 “Can wicked rulers be allied with you, those who frame injustice by statute?”…..We are spectators of significant historical events today! In our complicit apathy, reprobation, or sheer horror, we are witnessing… A FREE PEOPLE’S SUICIDE.

-Ken Carlton