“To work by men must bring special glory to God. The weaker the instrument, the more honor to the worker. I like to think whatever I may feel driven to believe from Scripture, that the great fight between good and evil will be so fought out that the Lord shall conquer by feeble men even to the end. The omnipotence of God will be glorified in the insignificance of the agents by whom He will achieve the everlasting triumph. Those first Apostles brought all the more glory to God because they came from the fishers’ nets, and were called “unlearned and ignorant men.”

The weakness which men despised compelled them to confess that the power which they wielded was Divine. The Spirit of God who spoke by them found in them no fancied wisdom to obstruct His impulses. If the Lord will graciously use us poor ministers to the end it will wonderfully illustrate
His wisdom and power. Somebody once said that it proved the Divinity of our holy religion that it survived ministers—and there was a good deal of truth in the remark. How I have wondered that this congregation has survived me! And I think we may wonder that as a whole the Gospel survives its advocates. We are poor tools. I do not refer to you, Brethren from America, but I mean all of us in England, and specially myself. We are poor tools after all—and if God uses us to save sinners and
sanctify saints, He must certainly have all the glory of it. Brethren, the Lord has used us, blessed be His name! He has used us—we should give the lie to manifest facts if we were to deny it. Brethren, the Lord means to use us. He has said, “Lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.”

~ C.H. Spurgeon