The following is an article I edited for Jordan Quam. The Gosnell trial was also referenced several times Monday evening, April 29th at Lakes Area Pregnancy Support Center’s fundraising banquet here in the Brainerd Lakes area. LAPS represents a proverbial Gideon’s torch in the battle against injustice framed by statute (Psalm 94:20). My next post will speak more to this concept and address another pressing issue of our day where the glory of Christ is at stake. In the mean time if you read this article and wonder: “what in the world can I possibly do about the rampant evil in our land?”, please consider picking up your own pitcher or torch by financially and prayerfully supporting Christian response agencies like LAPS, you can reach them here:

Soli Deo Gloria,
-Ken Carlton


The Terrorist Shell Game

Home grown terror. The Boston bombings left three dead in a sad event that shocked the world. So much media coverage and so many people on a man hunt to avenge those deaths. It is sad, but what about the terror “doctors” inflict on babies daily? 4,000 babies a day dead at the hands of abortion “doctors”. Not murder? Hmmm. How do we reconcile legalized abortion with the charge of double homicide when a pregnant woman is murdered? Our legal positions are schizophrenic. Is an unborn baby a life or is it expendable tissue?

Have you heard the name Kermit Gosnell from mainstream media outlets? He is the murderer on trial as I write this for killing babies by slitting their spines and throats upon birth. Apparently this was the preferred method when he wasn’t flushing them down the toilet as they struggled to swim to safety. I cried when I heard this. The media doesn’t cover this? He is a terrorist. He is the real terrorist. It is easy for our emotions and our minds to wonder about the three dead in the event in Boston. Yes it is sad, but its no where near the pain and carnage despicable “doctors” inflict daily on babies that are born and unborn.

I could fall into the Boston event media trap as easily as the next person, but we need to keep our minds true and clear about what is really at hand. The Boston event can easily become a distraction from the truth. Yes, these men are terrorists but not nearly as notorious as our government, abortion “doctors”, and United States citizens who are complicit with the murder of 4,000 American lives a day!

Lord help us! Video evidence of the murderer Gosnell, flushing a baby trying to swim gets virtually no media coverage. Do not get caught in this global distraction of local and over-seas terrorism. We have far more terrorists in our country that we harbor daily. We are caught in a media trap. A constant shell game, hiding the truth from our eyes. Satan has even managed to blind Christians to what is really at hand. Lord forgive us as a nation.

We are approaching 60 million American lives that have been murdered by U.S terrorist “doctors” and where is the media coverage? And if that were not egregious enough, they get tax deductions for their businesses from our own government. Planned Parenthood received $542 million in federal funding in 2012 alone! Under these conditions, it becomes harder to blame Muslim terrorists for targeting us! We are evil. Instead of confessing our own sins, we call every other nation evil and presume to judge them even as we murder more than the Taliban, more than Hitler, more than Stalin. We are a nation of hypocrites.

This shell game run by the media and our government is aided and abetted by Christians. We fall into the trap because it hits home and plays on our emotions. Because we are weak minded like insecure children, we cry, complain, and fall into a depression and make everything about us. Our self centered reactions are tantamount to pity parties. The culture shaping powers-that-be know if they can manipulate our emotions through their media outlets, they can get us to look one way while Rome is in flames behind our backs!

Frightful news about terrorists that our government historically support as often as they fight, is a smoke screen for the blood on our own hands. For the sake of His glory and holy will, may Almighty God grab our stiff necked consciousness and shake us awake!

– Jordan Quam